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Recommended advice

A pacifier or no pacifier: that is the question.

Should you give a pacifier to your baby or not? This question has been troubling a lot of young parents.

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Advice - infant

No chafing - how to protect a newborn’s delicate skin

Have you noticed any red sore spots on your baby’s skin? This could be a sign of skin irritation, which shouldn’t be ignored.

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Baby crying

All babies cry, especially in the first weeks after birth. The fact that your baby cries does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong.

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How to interpret a baby’s crying

In the first months of your baby’s life crying is its only means of communication so you should get to know this universal language.

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Breastfeeding a newborn is both easy and difficult. But if you develop a feeding routine, you and your baby will enjoy these moments.

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What is posseting?

It is very common for babies to bring up milk after feeding. It can cause some discomfort, so you should help your baby decrease the frequency and volume of posseting.

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