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3D Flexi System

3D Flexi System is an improved design for Bella Baby Happy diapers. The most important features of 3D Flexi:


3D FLEXI SYSTEM means: 2 wider, longer and more flexible velcro tapes, a wider and more flexible waistband, and flexible elastic bands that prevent diaper contents from leaking out. Thanks to the use of flexible materials, Bella Baby Happy diapers fit perfectly as your baby moves around. Our diaper lets your baby have carefree fun during the day and sweet dreams at night. Additionally, the velcro tapes are longer and made with very delicate, breathable material to prevent irritation of your baby’s sensitive skin. These practical velcro tapes make it easy for you to fasten and unfasten the diaper many times in order to adjust it perfectly to your baby.


Improved Bella Baby Happy diapers contain a new, thinner and more anatomically-designed absorbent layer. The improved Magic Green fabric instantly and effectively distributes moisture around the absorbent layer, so your baby’s skin is always dry and rash-free.


The use of breathable materials protects your baby’s sensitive bottom from diaper rash. The superabsorbent material, which turns the moisture inside the diaper into a gel, blocks the moisture from contact with your baby’s skin, which always stays healthy and dry. No latex was used to produce Bella Baby Happy diapers, as latex is a strong allergen and could easily irritate your baby’s skin. Furthermore, no chlorine is used to bleach the diapers, thus minimising another allergy risk. Importantly, Bella Baby Happy diapers not only prevent any leakage from inside, but also effectively block all unpleasant odours.