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A good night’s sleep

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Sleep is the best way to rest and regenerate. Therefore it is important to provide your baby with uninterrupted, healthy sleep. There’s no rule regarding the number of hours babies should sleep. This is an individual matter, as babies at the same age can have completely different needs in terms of a night’s rest. However, it’s good to introduce some degree of routine, so that it is easier for the baby to distinguish between times of day and to expect an upcoming bedtime.

Plan the baby's bath more or less at the same time every day, e.g. 7 pm. Then, feed your baby and put it to bed. If the baby is teething, you must clean its teeth. Turn off the light and leave the baby alone. Make sure there’s no noise in the room, but remember that if your baby gets used to sleeping in silence, even the slightest noise will wake it up. Don’t stop the activities you started.

If the baby is tired and doesn’t need anything, it will easily fall asleep. Sometimes your baby will need something to hug, so you can leave a cotton diaper cloth or a little stuffed toy in the crib. Sometimes your baby will wake up in the middle of the night. You should check if it is comfortable and the diaper isn’t wet. If everything seems all right, after several minutes your baby will go back to sleep.

Colic could make this difficult, so you can use some proven methods. Stroking the baby’s tummy, hugging or rocking can help. Make sure you put the baby in the crib rather than in your bedroom. If your baby gets used to sleeping in your bedroom, it’ll be very difficult to change the habit.

Your baby may also sleep during most of the day, and less at night. This is normal and you have to be patient. It’s important to follow the routine consistently and over time your baby will get used to repeated activities, like taking a bath, and to the times of the day when they take place. It’s good if your husband or Grandma can help you take care of your baby. Get as much rest as you can during the day. Over time it will become regular.

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