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Baby’s health - infections aren’t that bad

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n the first six months babies usually don’t get sick. This is due to antibodies from the mother, transferred first in the womb and then through the milk. Over time, this type of immunity fades and the immune system has to develop, which takes time.

Most mothers would like to wrap their babies up in cotton wool to protect them from infections. But typical, not-very-serious baby infection symptoms, like a runny nose or a fever, allow the immune system to develop. When your baby goes to a nursery, it faces previously unknown microorganisms and gets ill, but in the end this has a positive effect.

While fighting the disease, the immune system learns to recognise and remember pathogenic microorganisms. This way, in the next encounter with an intruder it will use the most effective weapon generated during the previous antibody infection. So instead of worrying about a mild disease, try to make your baby’s immune system work right.

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