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Crawling and house safety

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The day your baby starts crawling, the whole world will change ;-) Obviously, you will have to keep an eye on it constantly. Remember that the baby doesn’t know what dangerous means. Your baby simply acts on instinct. And this means trying, learning, practising, and reaching where eyesight won’t reach!

That is why the parents’ role is to make sure the baby is safe. Secure sockets with special covers, so that your crawling baby can’t put its fingers or a crayon inside. Secure cupboards and drawers with locks. Do not place hot drinks near the edge of a table (especially if it is covered with a tablecloth). Hide all dangerous objects, like cables, screwdrivers, scissors, and files in a high and inacessible place.

If possible, affix furniture to walls - babies love climbing shelves. Make sure no small objects are within your baby’s sight. One could compile an extensive and interesting collection of things taken out of babies’ noses or ears by otolaryngologists. Remember that your baby has unlimited creativity and curiosity, so use a double dose of imagination to predict what might happen!

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