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Cuddly toy - your baby’s best friend

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A teddy bear with just one ear, a doll in a tattered dress... To you they may seem worn-out, useless things that belong in the trash bin, but they can be your child’s best friends. A lot of parents are worried about their children’s strong attachment to a toy, but they shouldn’t. Your child, when it is sad, restless, scared or misses someone, reaches for the toy. It is a remedy for all sorrows, helps it cope with difficulties and gives a sense of security.

Why shouldn’t you worry about such an attachment to a toy?
Because it has no negative consequences (unlike sucking on a thumb or pacifier). At some point your child will simply grow out of this affection. A newborn feels safe thanks to contacts with mum. A 2-year-old wants some independence. In hard times, it might hug mum, but this means a loss of newly-gained autonomy. That’s why your child needs another comforter. A 2-year-old uses a cuddly toy more often than a 3-year-old. Over time, a 5- or 6-year-old may simply and naturally forget about it. Therefore, you shouldn't laugh at your child’s affection for a shabby teddy bear and say that it is behaving like a little baby. Attachment to a cuddly toy is a sign of the child's ability to be independent from mum and to face the world on its own.

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