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Diaper change

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The first Bella Baby Happy Newborn diaper is put on in hospital soon after your baby’s umbilical cord is cut. For several days, the stump is your baby's most sensitive part, so try to protect it from irritation. That is why the Newborn-size diaper features a unique safe notch for the stump, which enables free air flow and protects against abrasion.

The first diaper change can be very stressful for inexperienced parents. They fear that they might hurt their baby. They feel insecure and nervous about each diaper change. It is good to prepare for this because in the first months of your baby’s life you are going to change a few diapers every day. Here you will find some rules worth following and which can allow both of you to enjoy these moments on the changing table.

First of all, prepare a suitable place to change diapers. This may seem irrelevant, since you can change a diaper anywhere, on your bed or on the couch, but you will surely appreciate a changing table at a suitable height. If you change diapers on your bed a dozen times a day, you'll have to bend uncomfortably, which is definitely not advisable, as your spine will be tired after 9 months of pregnancy.

If you want a bigger changing place, you can buy a chest of drawers with a changing table. If you do not have enough space or prefer compact solutions, you can buy a changing table that can be placed on your baby’s crib. Put a Happy changing mat or a cotton/flannel diaper cloth on the changing table, so that your baby’s skin does not touch the cold mattress.

It's very important to have all accessories at hand: diapers, wet wipes, a bowl with water, cotton pads to clean your baby’s bottom and a diaper rash cream. It is also good to have a cupboard or a chest of drawers nearby, in case you need to change your baby’s clothes.

Undo your baby’s clothes and diaper. Don’t be surprised if the baby starts to pee right away - babies often do that when they are undressed and feel a chill. If your baby has pooped, gently wipe its bottom with the clean half of the diaper, fold it and tuck under your baby’s buttocks.
Then clean your baby’s bottom thoroughly with a big cotton pad soaked in warm water or a baby wipe. Don't forget about bodily folds and creases.

If you diaper a boy, pay special attention while cleaning its penis, buttocks and scrotum, and then gently dry them - if you leave them wet, they can chafe. Remember - do not pull the foreskin back! When you clean a girl’s bottom, remember to wipe it from the urethra to the anus to avoid spreading bacteria. Carefully clean all bodily creases and the labia. Remove the dirty diaper after you have cleaned the baby's bottom.

Then, apply a protective cream - a diaper rash cream or an ointment. Lubrication helps prevent chafing and irritation. Ideally, let the baby lie without the diaper for a while after applying the cream - airing the bottom helps keep it healthy.

Now lift your baby’s buttocks with your hands (do not lift by pulling the legs!) and put a new diaper under the baby’s bottom. Fasten the velcro side tapes. Always fasten the diaper symmetrically and not too tightly. Refer to the symmetrical illustrations on both sides of the Happy diaper. Now dress your baby.

See - it wasn’t that bad! As a reward you can see your baby's smiling face and healthy bottom! While cleaning, do not straighten or pull the baby’s legs - this could lead to dislocation of hip joints. Always lift your baby’s bottom by putting your hands under the buttocks. Never leave your baby on a changing table unattended even for a second. The baby could fall off!

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