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Early Care System

Infants and babies need particularly sensitive care, so Early Care System focuses on the key features - softness, delicacy, and avoiding skin irritations and chafing. Especially embossed nonwoven fabric for quick absorption and its delicate, pleasant to the touch structure, envelops the sensitive skin of the youngest. Combined with a soft outer layer, the diaper is as delicate as the underwear. The breathable outer layer prevents irritation and the humidity indicator allows parents to ideally match the moment of changing of the diaper.

Early Care System – is a set of important qualities essential for the delicate skin of newborns and infants.


air flow technology air flow technology

The breathability of the diaper provides fresh air to the baby's skin, prevents chafing, minimizes the risk of irritation.

Breathability of the diaper is a very important feature that helps keep your baby's skin healthy and not irritated, regardless of his or her age and stage of development. That's why this feature is part of both systems: Early Care System and 360° comfort system.

Especially embossed nonwoven fabric speeds up absorption and increases dryness.

The super soft outer layer of the diaper provides a sense of extra comfort and delicacy.

A special indicator of humidity that changes color signals to parents that the diaper should be changed.