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First car trip

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The first car trip is huge for both the baby and the parents. Due to the strengthening of its skeleton and nervous system, you shouldn’t tire your baby with a long journey in the first three months.

While preparing for the first car trip, remember a safe and comfortable baby seat. If you choose the seat, make sure it has been safety-attested; you also may want to see crash test results as well. Babies should always travel facing backwards as much as possible. According to research, the safest seat for a baby is behind the driver.

If you plan a trip with your baby, consider its daily rhythm. If you leave just before the baby’s longest nap, the humming engine and gentle rocking will soothe it and the baby will probably sleep most of the time. Try to avoid driving on hot or frosty days. If the temperature difference between the outside and the inside of the car is significant, remember that air conditioning and heating is not good for either of you.

Remember to pack a handbag with all the things your baby will need. Diapers, wet wipes, a cotton diaper, a clean set of clothes just in case - all these will prevent you from rummaging through your trunk in panic at a roadside car park. Don’t forget that even a sleepyhead will wake up at some point and the idyllic peace may be interrupted by a horrible scream. Pack your baby’s favourite toys and take something new to avoid boredom. These things will definitely distract the baby from enjoying its own screaming :)

If you plan a longer journey, consult a paediatrician. You will feel much more secure if you’re told that the baby can travel with you. If you have a valid health insurance card, your baby’s medical record book and a complete first aid kit, bring them, even if you don’t have to use them.

Don't forget to take breaks while driving. Optimally, you should take a break every 2 hours, which is also for the benefit and comfort of adults, but when travelling with a baby such planning is not always possible. Practice the art of compromise from the very first trip :)

Does this seem like astronaut training before an expedition to Mars? You couldn't be any wronger. Certainly, your first car trip won’t be your last, even if problems occur :)

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