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First shoes

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You should buy well-fitted shoes as soon as your baby takes the first steps. To make a good choice, visit several shops and pick a few interesting models, and then take your baby with you - don’t buy the shoes without trying them on or just on the basis of a drawing of your baby’s feet. Your baby has to try them on - only then can you be sure that you’ve made a good choice.

Here are a few rules that you should follow:
Don’t buy shoes made of plastic that won’t adjust to the shape of your baby’s foot. Choose soft, natural and breathable fabric. Check the size: a well-fitted shoe should be a little bigger than the baby’s foot, by 6-10 mm. The sole should be flexible, and the tip of the shoe should naturally bend upwards. Fastening - choose shoes whose fastening doesn’t make it difficult to put them on and is close to the tip; the best are shoelaces and velcros. The heel counter has to reach above the ankle to ensure proper hold and foot position.

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