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How to dress a newborn?

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Each baby is different and its perception of warm and cold depends not only on individual features, but also on body weight and build. A healthy baby born on due date has a functional thermoregulation system, with a stable temperature, so it is not dangerous to leave the mother’s womb. In the first month, the thermoregulation centre in your baby’s brain is still developing, and in the second month small ambient temperature changes are not a problem any more. The baby can get cooler or warmer, provided it’s not too hot or too cold for it. This is how the baby’s thermoregulation system develops. How should you dress your baby to make it feel comfortable? First of all, choose a place where you will always change your baby’s diapers and clothes. It could be a special chest of drawers, table or a portable changing table. Have all the necessary clothes nearby. In the first weeks of your baby’s life you should follow the rule of dressing your baby with one more layer than you wear.

Dressing a newborn step by step:

1. Put a cotton diaper cloth, a blanket or a special mat on the changing table, so that you don’t lay your undressed baby on a cold surface.

2. Start by putting on a diaper. To lift your baby’s bottom, place your hand under one leg and grab the other knee. This will enable you to put on and wrap the diaper.

3. The next step is a bodysuit. Babies don’t like clothes put on over their heads, but it’s not impossible. Try to do it quickly and confidently. Roll up the bodysuit in your hands and put the hole over the head. Then, roll up the sleeves and put them over your baby’s arms. To make the arm straighten up for a moment and slide through the sleeve, gently tap your baby’s elbow with your index finger.

4. Now it’s time for sleepers or a vest and a sleeveless footie. Begin with the legs. To make the leg straighten up for a moment, gently tap your baby’s knee with your index finger.

5. Then come socks. It should be fairly easy to put them on, provided they are the right size.

6. The last thing is a hat. It’s not necessary at home, but the baby should wear one if you go out for a walk.

Now it’s time to relax. Sit together comfortably. Lay your baby on your thighs, embrace it, rock and talk to it. This is a very relaxing position. Dressing your baby may not be difficult or stressful at all; on the contrary. it can be fun if mummy can do it quickly and confidently. Initially, you will think about the next steps and be a little anxious, but over time it will become so easy that dressing your baby will be fun.

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