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Paraffin oil content in cosmetics

Our oil is based on paraffin oil. Paraffin oil is a mineral oil with excellent skin cleaning, softening and protecting properties. It is a raw material used by most manufacturers of such products as a base that is then enriched with small amounts of plant extracts or other active ingredients and aroma compounds. Our oil contains pharmaceutical-grade paraffin oil – used in pharmaceutics, specially obtained and purified, unadulterated. Additionally, it causes no allergies. The oil formula is very light and apart from the mineral oil contains natural ingredients. It doesn’t clog pores or cause eczema.

Tear-free cosmetics

Bella Baby Happy Natural Care shampoo causes no tears, because it contains only very gentle ingredients tested for eye irritation. The shampoo as a whole was also tested to confirm that it causes no tears. In addition, the ingredients of BB Happy Natural Care shampoo condition baby’s delicate hair and make brushing easier. No single ingredient facilitates hair brushing; rather, this is thanks to the whole qualitative and quantitative composition of the shampoo.

Using baby creams in winter

Some heavily moisturising baby creams can cause baby’s skin to become dry in winter. Bella Baby Happy Natural Care cream can be used at low temperatures. The cream is a special emulsion that protects your baby’s face in winter.

Does the shea butter content in the cream have any other functions apart from oiling and nourishing the skin?

Shea butter is extracted from the nut of the Vitellaria paradoxa tree from central Africa, which has been used by the natives for hair and skin care for centuries. It contains 40-60% of precious vegetable fats that protect the lipid skin layer and soften the epidermis. It is a natural sunscreen – it increases the Sun Protection Factor.

SLES-free cosmetics

SLES-free means that the cosmetic contains no sodium laureth sulfate. This designation applies to BB Happy Natural Care body and hair gel wash, which instead contains carefully chosen, very delicate washing substances for your baby’s sensitive body and hair. SLES (sodium laureth sulfate) is a surface active agent that can cause dryness or irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. BBH NC shampoo and gel wash don’t contain this ingredient or its derivatives, so they leave the skin’s natural protective barrier intact.


Bella Baby cosmetics are PEG-free. This means that they don’t contain any chemically-processed ingredients that have a special, characteristic, and sometimes very desirable effect on the skin. Such ingredients are more stable and improve the product’s consistency. PEG-free products contain other ingredients that have similar properties, but are not chemically processed.

Superabsorbent in diapers

Bella Baby Happy diapers contain a special powder – the so-called superabsorbent – that turns moisture into gel. This substance has been known for decades and is commonly used in the manufacturing of hygienic products and cosmetics as well as in the food and medical industry. Sometimes during a diaper change you may notice small bits of gel on your baby’s skin. You can easily remove them with a wet wipe or water.