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Sleeping comfort

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Like most mothers, you probably love to sleep with your baby. You know that it feels safe and you have it at arm’s reach. Make sure your partner is happy about it, too, and the way it affects your relations.

Or maybe it’s you who needs to sleep together with the baby, and not the other way round?

Sleeping with your baby is certainly an advantage if you breastfeed on demand. But if your baby is 6 months old, the best gift you could give is a well-rested mum full of energy. Soon, your baby will start to crawl, which means it will need more of your attention.

Start by weaning your baby from night feeding. It may wake up in the middle of the night because it is hungry, so before going to sleep feed your baby something filling, e.g. formula with some gruel. The baby may also wake up because it feels that the breast canteen is right next to it.

It’s good to teach your baby to sleep alone, because it will function better if there are set rules and a rhythm in place. The later you decide to do this, the harder it will be, so it’s worth a thought.

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