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Where does it come from?
Thrush consists of small white spots in your baby’s mouth, which can appear as soon as the first week after birth. They look like milk residue stuck inside the cheeks, to the gums and palate. If you try to wipe them away, they start to bleed. They are a result of a fungal infection due to e.g. a dirty pacifier, toys or not scalding the dishes before preparing food.

The baby usually gets thrush from adults while sucking on a breast with blastomycosis or a pacifier licked by the mother. It can also result from antibiotic therapy (especially in case of premature babies with weaker immunity). Sometimes they get infected with the fungus called Candida albicans while passing through the mother’s genital tract.

Thrush in newborns can cause loss of appetite and frequent vomiting. It is painful and hampers eating. It should be actively treated under the supervision of a doctor, but above all it should be prevented by keeping the baby’s surroundings absolutely clean.

How can you help your baby in case of thrush?
1. Regularly wipe the white patches with a sterile piece of gauze soaked with the medication prescribed by the doctor. 2. Get rid of the old pacifier and buy a new one, making sure it’s sterile. 3. Wash your breasts thoroughly (if you breastfeed) and check whether they are not infected, too. If necessary, apply the same medication as on the thrush in your baby’s mouth. Repeat all this as long and as often as the doctor prescribes.

Be patient while fighting thrush.
Thrush in your baby’s mouth is unpleasant. That’s why the newborn can have problems sucking. Try to feed your baby slowly. Follow the doctor’s advice and you’ll see results very soon. Don't give up on the treatment, or it may turn out that the thrush is not completely gone and you’ll need to start over again.

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