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Time management - a daily plan and your moments together

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If you were a well-organised person with a daily plan written down in a calendar before giving birth, then the first moments of motherhood can seem like absolute chaos. The world you knew has been turned upside down and the term “time management” becomes irrelevant.

But don’t panic. Instead, try to redefine 'plan', bearing in mind that it will be subject to dynamic changes depending on the circumstances. It is good to introduce some regularities in your baby’s life right from the beginning. The routine will make the baby feel safe and make it easier for you to take care of it.

A daily routine can be a lifesaver and help you learn your new role as a parent faster and more efficiently. But remember that a regular plan is not necessarily permanent, and don’t raise your baby according to the clock! Above all, your daily plan should be based on the natural rhythm of your baby’s day and its needs. In short, your baby’s day consists of sleeping, eating and wakefulness (play). It’s enough to watch your baby closely for a day or two (you can even take notes) to know how many naps the baby needs and for how long; how much time feeding takes and how long the baby is able to stay awake.

Knowing the daily rhythm is useful mostly for a beginning mother who needs to learn how to read the signals (mostly crying) sent by her baby. It will help you to guess if your baby is crying due to hunger or tiredness, as nap time is close. Deviations from the regular daily routine are normal, so don’t worry that even the slightest change in your timetable will upset the baby’s rhythm.

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