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Just don’t panic! Do not jump on the bandwagon and vaccinate your baby against all possible diseases, but don’t underestimate the mandatory vaccination program. When leaving the hospital with a newborn, the parents receive the baby’s medical record book with all necessary information about different types and dates of mandatory vaccinations.

Before each vaccination the baby needs to be examined closely by a paediatrician to find out if it is healthy. Bear in mind that even a runny nose is a reason not to vaccinate the baby, who needs to be perfectly healthy, because the immune system has to deal with the strains of microorganisms in the vaccine. In the next 24 hours after the vaccination your baby may be more restless or irritated or - on the contrary - much sleepier than usual. The baby may also develop a higher temperature, which is a natural reaction and subsides after several hours.

When it comes to recommended vaccinations, you should always consider their pros and cons.First of all, remember that if the baby attends a day nursery, is raised in a multi-generational family or has contact with a lot of children, then vaccinating it against rotaviruses or pneumococcus is justified and advisable. But if the baby is raised by parents, grandparents or a babysitter, and is not exposed to contact with a lot of children, it is probably better to let the baby's system toughen on its own. Perhaps it doesn’t make sense to put an additional load on the baby’s immune system - let it get stronger by itself!

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