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Week 10

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Talk to your baby, stroke your belly and soon you should feel first kicks, you’ve been so impatiently waiting for. Baby’s oversensitivity to external factors ends in the tenth week, but it doesn’t mean that you can stop taking care of yourself. Yet, you can relax a bit: time of high risk is over.

Your baby in this week:
Your baby is a human miniature now. Internal organs are more and more shaped and start to cooperate with one another. External parts of ears develop and soon your voice will be the most beautiful music for the baby. The baby is about 3 cm long and weights 5 grams.

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Week 11

Now your baby is over 4 cm long and of a fig size. This is also the week when nails start to form as well as one of the first proofs of your baby’s identity: fingerprints.

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Week 12

This week first trimester of your pregnancy ends. The period between first and second trimester is a real energy shot.

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Week 13

The second trimester of your pregnancy begins. This is the best time for your skin, which now is delicate and rosy.

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