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Week 11

advice in category: pregnancy

In this period you will probably experience the burst of energy and your morning sickness will fade. Unfortunately, because of the hormone storm in your body, you may suffer from constipation and heartburn. Remember about a balanced diet dividing your meals into small portions of nutritious products. Don’t forget about walks on fresh air: you will save yourself dizziness, which is caused by the increase of blood supply and its lower pressure.

Your baby in this week:
Now your baby is over 4 cm long and of a fig size. Soon it will be able to open and clench its fists, little teeth will appear beneath the gums, and some of the bones will get harder. This is also the week when nails start to form as well as one of the first proofs of your baby’s identity: fingerprints. Your baby spends more and more time on stretching and kicking, which may remind you of a subtle and leisurely water ballet. However, the movements are so delicate that a lot of time will pass until you will be able to feel them. Your hiccups in this period is a proof that the baby’s diaphragm is being formed.

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