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Week 12

advice in category: pregnancy

This week first trimester of your pregnancy ends. The period between first and second trimester is a real energy shot. Start exercising Kegel muscles bacause it will help you to prepare them for the labour. You can do such exercises everywhere: at work, in the park, in a queue. Don’t forgrt to take folic acid.

Your baby in this week:
Your baby is about 5 cm long and weights about 10 grams. The nails that have been forming for just a week start to grow from the fingers, which are already separated both on hands and feet. Although genital organs are fully shaped now, it is too soon to tell the baby’s sex. Or maybe it’s not… The most important progress in your baby’s development is the appearance of reflexes. The baby can already move its fingers, close its eyes and move its lips as if to suck.

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Week 13

The second trimester of your pregnancy begins. This is the best time for your skin, which now is delicate and rosy.

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Week 14

Think about a school of birth. Maybe it is a good idea to talk your partner into going there together?

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Week 15

Talk to your baby, read out loud, it is a perfect way to build an emotional bond between you and your baby.

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