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Week 13

advice in category: pregnancy

The second trimester of your pregnancy begins. You gradually gain weight. Remeber that the time of tent-like dresses with yokes is gone. You can accentuate your round belly and show it to the world if you want to. This is also the best time for your skin, which now is delicate and rosy. Your increasing libido won’t go unnoticed by your partner.

Your baby in this week:
Your baby is about 7 cm long and weights 12 grams. Its face is shaping intensively now. Although the head still constitues 1/3 of the body length, both eyes and ears are on their places. Your baby can yawn, frown, and when it touches its lips, although accidentally, moves it. The most important structures of the little body are already shaped. The liver secrets insulin and the kidneys produce urine. The first shout of the baby, which you will hear after its birth, originates exactly from this week. Although you can’t hear your baby yet, this is when the vocal cords are formed.

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