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Week 14

advice in category: pregnancy

Now when you’ve become used to the changes in your body, you feel fine and energetic. Using your great mood, take your partner for a trip to the unknown (but safe and proven). Think about a school of birth. Maybe it is a good idea to talk your partner into going there together?

Your baby in this week:
Your baby may be up to 10 cm long now and weight 25 grams. It becomes more and more beautiful every day. Hair and brows start to grow. The baby exercises facial muscles by constant changing of face exporession. It opens and closes its mouth, trying to put its thumb in it. Although it is hard to see, remember that now your baby can smile. It likes moving with swimming motion, waving its arms and legs. When you are walking, shopping or washing the dishes, your child exercises its sense of balance, strenghtens its muscles and develops the neural system, swinging delicately in your belly.

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Week 15

Talk to your baby, read out loud, it is a perfect way to build an emotional bond between you and your baby.

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Week 16

From this week you may start feeling first movements of your baby.

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Week 17

During this week you may feel hardening and tension of myometrium. These are so called Braxton Hicks contractions and they prepare the muscle for the labour.

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