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Week 15

advice in category: pregnancy

Don’t be surprised if you will feel a little nervous at this moment. It is completely natural to be worried about the baby’s health and about what will happen in the nearest future. Talk to your baby, read out loud, listen together to the music you like, share your deepest secrets with the baby, even if it seems weird at first. It is a perfect way to build an emotional bond between you and your baby.

Your baby in this week:
Your baby is 11 cm long and weights 40 grams. It gains weight every day and its legs grow, getting right proportions. The eyes, although still closed, have a fully-shaped cornea, lens and iris. First hair appears as a delicate fluff. Your baby constantly exercises its spine by regular straightening. This way, the baby gradually prepares itself for an upright position. The mouth and mimics are still exercised and the facial features become more and more regular.

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Week 16

From this week you may start feeling first movements of your baby.

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Week 17

During this week you may feel hardening and tension of myometrium. These are so called Braxton Hicks contractions and they prepare the muscle for the labour.

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Week 18

Your baby senses your emotions, so smile as often as possible!

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