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Week 16

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From this week you may start feeling first movements of your baby. You should avoid sleeping on your belly and back, try to lie and sleep on your side. Especially now you should find a moment just for yourself. Try to compose yourself. You will think more and more often about the labour. Talk to your friends, chill out, read some relaxing book, think about a school of birth.

Your baby in this week:
During the sixteenth week of pregnancy your baby is about 12 cm long and weights about 80 grams. Now it is a tiny, active tot: starts to lift its head and straighten its neck, moves its head, bends its legs and arms. All parts of its face are shaped. At this moment, the baby already has its facial expressions fully developed, so you can see the look of its face during a detailed ultrasound examination. Mouth, nose, ears and eyes are on their places, but the eyes are still closed because the baby is still sensitive to lighting changes. Now when your baby has its sebaceous glands shaped, it can even sweat during intense exercises in your belly. The whole body is covered with fluff. Baby girls’ ovaries start to produce milions of first ovules.

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Week 17

During this week you may feel hardening and tension of myometrium. These are so called Braxton Hicks contractions and they prepare the muscle for the labour.

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Week 18

Your baby senses your emotions, so smile as often as possible!

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Week 19

If you go for an ultrasonography this week, you will probably be able to find out your baby’s sex.

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