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Week 18

advice in category: pregnancy

Your baby senses your emotions, so smile as often as possible! You may experience the feeling of blocked nose or even nose bleeding. This is a result of high concentration of oestrogen and progesterone, which causes swelling of mucous membrane. Remember about constant air moisturizing in the places you spend your time. By doing so, you will recover without any medications, which are not advisable now. Do you suffer from heartburn? Avoid overeating and limit spicy and fried food. Your belly is pretty big, so if you have to lean, do it by bending your knees and squating.

Your baby in this week:
Now your baby is about 14 cm long, up to 25 cm in an upright position. It weights about 150 grams. During this week your baby’s legs become longer and the bones become harder. Digestive glands form and as a result so called meconium appears (tarry substance which will be excreted after the baby’s birth). Your baby can hear! It reacts to various sounds: your heartbeat, sounds made by your stomach, and also sounds from the outside. The sensory and motor map develops in the brain. Now touching doesn’t make the whole baby’s body move; it reacts only in the place when it was touched.

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Week 19

If you go for an ultrasonography this week, you will probably be able to find out your baby’s sex.

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Week 20

You are half way through! The baby weights 260 grams and is 16 cm long!

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Week 21

Your baby starts to grow very intensively. When it’s in the right position, the sex may be told.

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