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Week 19

advice in category: pregnancy

Can you feel gentle kicks of your baby? Lie down on your left side and wait patiently. The baby should award your patience with delicate moves. Does yor back hurt? Unfortunately, this is a frequent complaint, which may escalate during pregnancy. To give your back relief, avoid excessive weight gain. Don’t wear high heels but also not completely flat shoes. Avoid standing and sitting for a long time. Do simple exercises which will strenghten muscles of abdomen and pelvis.

Your baby in this week:
Your little precious one is about 15 cm long and weights about 200 grams. If you go for an ultrasonography this week, you will probably be able to find out your baby’s sex. Girls already have fallopian tubes, uteri, and vagina formed. If your baby is a boy, his genital organs are still developing. The baby intensively exercises its body, turning about in all directions. Also breathing is being practised and hearing becomes better and better.

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Week 20

You are half way through! The baby weights 260 grams and is 16 cm long!

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Week 21

Your baby starts to grow very intensively. When it’s in the right position, the sex may be told.

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Week 22

Your shoes become too tight? You will have to face persistent feet swelling. You should buy some comfortable shoes.

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