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Week 20

advice in category: pregnancy

At this stage you may experience eye discomfort and inability to see clearly. It is usual during this period of pregnancy and after the labour you will be back to normal. You gain weight more and more intensively, so you should pay more attention to your diet now. It should be diverse, light, containing lean meat, saltwater fish, vegetables, fruit and grains.

Your baby in this week:
You are half way through! The baby weights 260 grams and is 16 cm long! Under the layer of gunge on its body, all skin layars develop. Nails and hair grow. At this stage, nerve cells are already formed. They are responsible for particular sense organs. The baby practises its sense of balance by remembering swinging when mummy is walking and brathing regularly. When mummy is taking a shower and the water is too cold or too hot, the beaby reacts by stronger movements. It can also react to temperature changes.

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Week 21

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Week 22

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Week 23

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