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Week 21

advice in category: pregnancy

During this week your alimentary system will cause you most trouble, and heartburn may be the main one. You have probably noticed that you become tired quicker and you have breathing problems. So remember to take it easy. Do your everyday activities slower, make pauses more often and you won’t feel exhausted.

Your baby in this week:
Your baby starts to grow very intensively. When it’s in the right position, the sex may be told because the genital organs become more and more visible. Although the baby’s eyes are closed, it reacts to light and stretches arms in its direction.

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Week 22

Your shoes become too tight? You will have to face persistent feet swelling. You should buy some comfortable shoes.

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Week 23

Did you notice a dark line on your belly, going from the navel to pubic symphysis? It is a completely normal occurance caused by hormones produced during pregnancy…

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Week 24

Pay close attention to nutritional value of your meals. Your baby gets bigger and bigger so its demand for nutrients increases.

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