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Week 23

advice in category: pregnancy

Did you notice a dark line on your belly, going from the navel to pubic symphysis? It is a completely normal occurance caused by hormones produced during pregnancy, which are responsible for all discoloration on your body. Don’t worry if there are brown spots looking like freckles on your face. They will disappear in several months after the labour. Talk to your baby, listen to music, be active. Quickly you will notice that daily portion of fresh air has a great influence on your good mood.

Your baby in this week:
Now your baby is very active. It waves its arms and legs and it can even turn around. The baby’s skin is still wrinkly but a little more plump.

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Week 24

Pay close attention to nutritional value of your meals. Your baby gets bigger and bigger so its demand for nutrients increases.

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Week 25

During this period you may gain weight. Try to avoid sweets and limit carbohydrates.

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Week 26

You baby already looks and behaves like an infant. It sucks its thumbor even may has a hiccups.

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