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Week 24

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If your heartburn haven’t stopped yet, try to eat smaller portions but more frequently. Try not to munch late at night. Your baby gets bigger and bigger so its demand for nutrients increases. Pay close attention to nutritional value of your meals. It is important to add fruit or vegetables to each portion. However, if you feel exhausted despite your balanced diet, it may be a signal that you have anaemia. Inform your doctor about any alarming symptoms.

Your baby in this week:
The baby turns around with difficulty and doesn’t make any sudden movements any more. It easily recognizes your and your partner’s voice.

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Week 25

During this period you may gain weight. Try to avoid sweets and limit carbohydrates.

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Week 26

You baby already looks and behaves like an infant. It sucks its thumbor even may has a hiccups.

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Week 27

This week you could realised that your baby is responsive to sounds and reacts to your voice.

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