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Week 25

advice in category: pregnancy

You can start completing your baby’s layette. Later your belly will be too big to move between the shop shelves. If you feel fine you don’t have to give up working, however, just to be sure, ask your doctor if there are no objections. During this period you may gain weight quickly but It doesn’t mean that you should be on a diet. Eat as you used to, just avoid sweets and limit carbohydrates.

Your baby in this week:
The baby starts touching walls of the uterus, recognizing its environment. Its skin becomes more rosy. It reacts to outside stimuli more intensively.

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Week 26

You baby already looks and behaves like an infant. It sucks its thumbor even may has a hiccups.

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Week 27

This week you could realised that your baby is responsive to sounds and reacts to your voice.

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Week 28

The baby could already weights up to 1 kg. It can frown and open and close its mouth.

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