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Week 26

advice in category: pregnancy

If you haven’t gained weight yet, starting this week your body becomes more round. The pregnancy becomes visible. Your face may be a little puffy and your arms bigger, which is a result of water retention in the organism. For your own comfort get yourself some loose clothes which will enable free movements. During the day rest with your legs up as often as possible. You urinate often because heavy uterus presses the bladder. If for this reason you have to wake up at night a lot, try to limit consumption of liquids in the evening.

Your baby in this week:
Now your baby is about 33 cm long and weights 570 grams. It looks and behaves like an infant: it sucks its thumb, swallows amniotic fluid and excerates it as a urine. The amniotic fluid is changed every four hours. They keep the right temperature and protect the baby from injuries. If you experience delicate tapping, it probably means that your baby drank too fast and has a hiccups.

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