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Week 27

advice in category: pregnancy

You are still gaining weight. You often experience the feeling of increasing body temperature and hot flashes. Since you sweat more than usually, it is recommended to drink more liquids. Remember about resting with your legs up (you will lower the risk of feet swelling).

Your baby in this week:
Play some music and you will see that your baby is responsive to sounds and reacts to your voice. It can express the feelings evoked by music it hears: does somersaults, clenches little fists, and can be woken up by too much noise. You should know that now the baby sleeps irregularly, most often when you do some activities because the swinging makes it calm. It usually wakes up when you stop your activity.

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Week 28

The baby could already weights up to 1 kg. It can frown and open and close its mouth.

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Week 29

It's time you should start exercising to strenghten your pelvic floor muscles.

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Week 30

Your hip joints slightly stretch, that's why you feel tired.

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