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Week 28

advice in category: pregnancy

The second trimester is over. There is only three months left to the labour. Try to keep the proper posture. This will help you avoid back pain or at least alleviate it. Your nipples and breasts became a lot bigger and blood vessels are visible. Problems with breathing may appear because the growing baby presses the diaphragm. This often disapears before the labour. The pregnancy is very visible now. If you don’t want to have stretch marks on your belly, use special cosmetics for pregnant women or apply body oil for baby at least two times a day. It is very important to care about yourself, your appearance and your good mood. Remember to visit your gynecologist regularly and to go to the dentist. Your gums are swollen and probably bleed sometimes, which may lead to disease, and what follows, their loss.

Your baby in this week:
The baby is about 37 cm long and weights about 900 grams up to 1 kg. Its taste buds are being formed, which means that it recognizes sweet, sour and bitter taste. It also starts to see: opens and closes the eyes. It can frown and open and close its mouth.

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Week 31

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