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Week 29

advice in category: pregnancy

You may feel clumsy and distracted. Don’t worry, it’s typical of pregnant women. Because the foetus presses on your bladder, you also should start exercising to strenghten your pelvic floor muscles; it will reduce the risk of incontinence during the burst of laughter, coughing, or sudden sneezing...

Your baby in this week:
Your baby is very active now and likes to ‘jostle’. If you are patient enough you will notice a contour of a little foot or fist... The baby has to gain weight. Its lungs don’t function completely yet. Fast development of cortex takes place. The foetus is able to feel pain and reacts to it in the same way as a newborn. If for some reason your baby were born during this period it would have a chance to live out in an incubator.

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Week 30

Your hip joints slightly stretch, that's why you feel tired.

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Week 31

Your baby is about 43 cm and its eyes already have lashes and brows.

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Week 32

It's time to visit a hospital. Such a visit will help you become familiar with the place and take a close look at delivery rooms.

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