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Week 30

advice in category: pregnancy

Your belly becomes more and more visible. The navel is flat and there is a dark thin line from the center to the bottom of your stomach. Your hip joints slightly stretch. You feel tired. If it’s possible, give yourself a two hour afternoon nap in your most comfortable position.

If the belly really bothers you, lie on your side and put a thick pillow under the bent leg. It’s time to think about a shool of birth. During this period many women wonder whether they are allowed to have sex. If there are no complications connected withpregnancy, the baby will be safe because it is protected by amniotic fluid. If there are any objections, your doctor or midwife will inform you about them.

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Week 31

Your baby is about 43 cm and its eyes already have lashes and brows.

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Week 32

It's time to visit a hospital. Such a visit will help you become familiar with the place and take a close look at delivery rooms.

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Week 33

Sense of sight, hearing, touch and taste already function. The baby can also smell what penetrates into the amniotic fluid.

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