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Week 31

advice in category: pregnancy

During this period your belly prevents your usual activity. Problems with breathing may escalate. In order to avoid breathlessness, take several deep breaths and, above all, slow down. You can also experience heartburn because of the enlarging uterus which pressess on the stomach. Drink lots of water and eat small portions but more frequently. This will help you relieve of this unpleasant feeling. You experience sudden mood swings: you are sensitive, weepy and in a moment you are full of happiness.

Your baby in this week:
Your baby is about 43 cm long and weights about 1,5 kg. The baby opens and closes its eyes which now have lashes and brows. It drinks amniotic fluid which provides about 40 calories a day; it’s a way of diversifying the diet and also exercising the alimentary system.

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Week 32

It's time to visit a hospital. Such a visit will help you become familiar with the place and take a close look at delivery rooms.

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Week 33

Sense of sight, hearing, touch and taste already function. The baby can also smell what penetrates into the amniotic fluid.

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Week 34

Complete the layette. Make a shopping list of necessary items, it will help you get everything that you are going to need during first weeks of your life together.

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