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Week 32

advice in category: pregnancy

If you don’t attend classes in any school of birth, during which future mothers usually visit hospitals, make an appointment yourself to see the place where your baby will come into the world. Such a visit will help you become familiar with the place, take a close look at delivery rooms and the ward and ask about the hospital’s attitude towards labour: if hospital clothes are required, whether they use anaesthetics and what kind of them, if they allow family childbirths and on what conditions. You can’t wait for the delivery, your uterus has grown 500 times bigger and it takes almost entire abdominal cavity. Moreover, you may experience night hunger. You can avoid it by eating a dinner high in carbohydrates, which will guarantee high level of glucose in your blood for the whole night.

Your baby in this week:
Your baby weights almost 2 kg and its stretched body is about 45 cm long. Because of little space in your stomach, it doesn’t move that much anymore, only wriggles and stretches. It likes listening to your voice and distinguishes it from voices of other women. The baby can dream.

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Week 33

Sense of sight, hearing, touch and taste already function. The baby can also smell what penetrates into the amniotic fluid.

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Week 34

Complete the layette. Make a shopping list of necessary items, it will help you get everything that you are going to need during first weeks of your life together.

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Week 35

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