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Week 33

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During this period you should gain about 0,5 kg a week. However, remember that the weight gain is individual and there are no specified norms. Even if you gained more weight than you expected, you shouldn’t resign form a balanced diet because during the following weeks your baby will need a lot of protein and fat. Your stomach became smaller because the baby took a big part of it, so supplement energy loss with snacks (dried fruit, nuts, almonds, yoghurt) which will help you make it to the main meal.

Your baby in this week:
The baby weights almost 2 kg and its brain develops very fast. Sense of sight, hearing, touch and taste already function. The baby can also smell what penetrates into the amniotic fluid, what its mum smells and ihales. Immune system is developed, a small human takes the antibodies from the mother and thanks to that it will be immue to many diseases when it’s born.

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