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Week 34

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While waiting for your baby you have probably already started completing its layette. Make a shopping list of necessary items, it will help you get everything that you are going to need during first weeks of your life together. Remeber that there is no point buying too many clothes because the baby will grow out of them very quickly. You probably experience regular uterus cramps, so called Braxton-Hicks contractions. This is your uterus preparing itself to the labour. You may also experience problems with concetration and remebering new information. Worsening memory is a result of temporary brain cells contraction. This condition fades several weeks after birth.

Your baby in this week:
Your baby grows very fast and weights about 2 kg and is approximately 46 cm long. Regardless of the eye colour your baby will have in the future, now its eyes are blue because the pigmentation process will end several weeks after its birth.

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