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Week 35

advice in category: pregnancy

Prepare a bag with things that will be necessary in the hospital before the due date. Remember about personal things, clothes for you and the baby, and also the documents and medical tests results. Take with you Bella Mamma postpartum hygienic pads, which are more absorbent than traditional sanitary pads. In your baby bag you should have disposale diapers. Happy Newborn diapers have a special umbilical cord cut-out which protects this delicate place from irritation.

Your baby in this week:
Your baby still gains weight and now it can weight even 2,5 kg. The baby has its specific sleep and waking pattern, which has nothing to do with time of the day.

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Week 36

You will visit your doctor more frequently. It's time to start to count baby’s moves.

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Week 37

Usually during 37th week of pregnancy the fundus of the uterus falls down significantly, so you should feel better now.

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Week 38

The baby is fully shaped and its all organs are ready to function properly outside the mother’s body.

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