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Week 37

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Your body should feel better now. Usually during 37th week of pregnancy the fundus of the uterus falls down significantly, what makes it easier to breathe. Think about breathing exercises during labour. Take a deep breath through your nose (the air should reach the diaphragm), hold it for a moment and release it slowly through the mouth.

You can also take a deep breath through the nose and for five seconds pretend to push. A small cone shape should appear on your belly. This is the last moment to pack your hospital bag. It is better when it stands in your hallway for two or three weeks, waiting for ‘its time’ than to pack your accessories and baby’s layette in a hurry or, even worse, delegating the task of buying postpartum pads or searching for a nursing bra to an already stressed dad.

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Week 38

The baby is fully shaped and its all organs are ready to function properly outside the mother’s body.

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Week 39

This is the penultimate week. Use this time just for yourself.

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Week 40

The obvious sign that the labour begins is when your water breaks. If your pains become stronger and stronger and they come regularly every 10 minutes, then go to the hospital.

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