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Week 38

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Episiotomy is very frequent in our hospitals. Remeber that sometimes this is a better solution than a perineal rupture. But if you want to avoid episiotomy, talk to a midwife who will be present during the delivery or to a doctor. Kegel exercises, about which you’ve probably heard, will be helpful. Perineal massage and listening to what the midwife says during the labour may save you this experience.

Your baby in this week:
The baby is fully shaped and its all organs are ready to function properly outside the mother’s body. However, remember that the due date is only approximate: only 4 % of children are born on the day established by the doctor. So don’t panic if you are not in labour then.

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Week 39

This is the penultimate week. Use this time just for yourself.

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Week 40

The obvious sign that the labour begins is when your water breaks. If your pains become stronger and stronger and they come regularly every 10 minutes, then go to the hospital.

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