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Week 4

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You’re probably starting to suspect that you are pregnant because your body gives you some signals. You feel sleepy, your breasts are sore, and you often go the toilet to pee. As the zygote produces pregnancy hormone, chorionic gonadotropin, a pregnancy test should turn out positive now. Remember that a blood test is more reliable than urine test (urine tests should be taken in the morning, after the awakening, when the gonadotropin concentration is the highest). The fourth week is a time for the first pregnancy-related visit at the gynecologist. Don’t neglect it.

Your baby in this week:
It’ hard to imagine but your baby looks more like a tadpole than a human now. It consists of three layers: endoderm, which will soon change into lungs, liver and the alimentary canal, mesoderm, which will change into bones, muscles and kidneys, and ectoderm, which will turn into skin, hair, eyes and the neural system.

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Week 5

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Week 6

As it is a very fast development stage of the embryo, you should care about yourself particularly.

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Week 7

You already feel how your body slowly begins to change. Remebmer: You eat for two, not like two!

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