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Week 40

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Are you wondering if it’s time? The obvious sign that the labour begins is when your water breaks, but it happens that the first stage of labour is completely unnoticeable and the amnion is opened in the delivery room. Remember that it is not a good idea to go to the hospital too soon. The first stage of labour may last several hours.

If your pains become stronger and stronger and they come regularly every 10 minutes, then go to the hospital. Obviously, you have to take into account the time spent to get there (traffic jam, detours, road reconstructions). In the delivery room a doctor will examine you in order to check cervical dilation and a midwife will check your blood pressure, put in a venflon (just in case, this is a routine procedure) and connect your belly to a cardiotocograph.

In some hospitals wards are shared but it is more and more common to have a private ward with a bathroom. Since that moment you will be under midwife and doctor’s constant care. There is no denying that labour is a huge physical exertion, but also a unique experience for the mother. Nature created it in the way that this experience will soon fade and you will be surprised how quickly you’ll forget about the pain and difficulties of the labour. Welcome to the other side of the belly, baby!

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