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Week 6

advice in category: pregnancy

This is the time when many mums find out or confirm with a doctor that they are pregnant. As it is a very fast development stage of the embryo, you should care about yourself particularly; if you haven’t done it yet, quit coffee and smoking (also avoid being exposed to passive smoking). Start to follow a sensible diet. You also have to be aware of the fact that this is the time when unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy, such as vomiting or swollen and sore beasts, usually intensify.

Your baby in this week:
Your baby is about to enter into a very fast development stage; if you could see it now, you would see a small head with a funny tail. Arms and legs begin to be formed as well as primitive kidneys. Your baby is about 1-2 millimeters long.

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Week 7

You already feel how your body slowly begins to change. Remebmer: You eat for two, not like two!

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Week 8

You don’t feel kicks yet, but your baby can already bend its elbows and wrists.

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Week 9

During this period you can observe changes in appearance of your face. Your skin will smoothen, any pimples will disappear and you will look flourishing.

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