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Week 7

advice in category: pregnancy

You probably still can zip your favorite jeans up, but you feel how your body slowly begins to change, preparing itself for the new, special role. Follow diverse, high in nutrients diet. Avoid empty calories from sweets not to needlessly speed up the weight gain. Remebmer: You eat for two, not like two!

Your baby in this week:
Your baby is about 6 millimeters now and it grows fast, even up to 1 mm a day. During the seventh week the pituitary gland and pulmonary alveoli form and the process of heart shaping begins; fingers and toes appear on little palms and feet and eyelids appear in eyes.

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Week 8

You don’t feel kicks yet, but your baby can already bend its elbows and wrists.

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Week 9

During this period you can observe changes in appearance of your face. Your skin will smoothen, any pimples will disappear and you will look flourishing.

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Week 10

Yet, you can relax a bit: time of high risk is over.

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