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Week 8

advice in category: pregnancy

If you go for an ultrasound examination this week, for the first time you’ll see your baby’s heart beating. Remember this unique feeling. If you haven’t told your loved ones the big news yet, maybe now it is time to do that? Your belly is going to be visible soon. In this period constipation and other bothersome symptoms affecting the alimentary system may appear. Drink lots of water and eat food high in fiber.

Your baby in this week:
Not only the heart develops fast. First little teeth begin to appear as well. You don’t feel kicks yet, but your baby can already bend its elbows and wrists. The process of bones formation begins. In the eight week of pregnancy your baby is oficially called the fetus and its shape remainds of a bean of 9-15 mm.

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Week 9

During this period you can observe changes in appearance of your face. Your skin will smoothen, any pimples will disappear and you will look flourishing.

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Week 10

Yet, you can relax a bit: time of high risk is over.

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Week 11

Now your baby is over 4 cm long and of a fig size. This is also the week when nails start to form as well as one of the first proofs of your baby’s identity: fingerprints.

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