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Week 9

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During this period you can observe changes in appearance of your face. If you are lucky, your skin will smoothen, any pimples will disappear and you will look flourishing. However, sometimes it happens that in this particular period some skin problems, such as rash or discoloration appear. Unfortunately, there is no rule for this. Pregnancy is a very individual time for each woman and a real revolution for her body. Thus, let yourself and your body experience it in its individual way.

Your baby in this week:
Your baby constantly changes: its face starts to shape, nostrils appear in the little nose, upper lip starts to form. The ears start to move towards their proper places at the sides of the head. The head grows significantly, which is a result of the fast development of the brain at this stage. Delicate and fluffy hair appears. Your baby is about 20 mm long and weights 4 grams!

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Week 10

Yet, you can relax a bit: time of high risk is over.

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Week 11

Now your baby is over 4 cm long and of a fig size. This is also the week when nails start to form as well as one of the first proofs of your baby’s identity: fingerprints.

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Week 12

This week first trimester of your pregnancy ends. The period between first and second trimester is a real energy shot.

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