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When baby's tummy hurts

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Baby colic, also called intestinal colic, occurs in babies in the first three months of their lives. It is believed that the cause of colic is the baby’s immature digestive system. Trapped gases cause pain while stretching the baby's immature intestines. But our current knowledge does not explain the causes and mechanisms of colic in a straightforward way.

Colic usually ceases after about 3 months; nevertheless, it can be distressing to a newborn and to the parents. Tummy pain makes it difficult to fall asleep and causes anxiety and irritation.

But there are a few ways of easing this pain.A gentle tummy massage, rocking and hugging or even a warm diaper cloth compress can all help. But you need to make sure that the compress is not too hot, otherwise you could burn your baby!

Another crucial factor is the mother’s attitude, because impatience, haste or excessive noise in the room can make it difficult to soothe the suffering. It’s a good idea to whisper in your baby’s ear or sing quietly, which - combined with rocking in your arms - can significantly ease the pain. You can also play some relaxing music that will soothe your baby and you. If you feed your baby with a bottle, make sure the aperture isn’t too big, otherwise the baby will swallow not only milk, but also a lot of air.

The mother’s diet is very important. You should avoid vegetables causing gas, such as cabbage, peas and beans. If the colic is severe and none of these solutions eliminate long-lasting suffering, it may be necessary to see a doctor.

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