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Your baby’s safety while taking its first steps

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Your baby walks with more and more confidence and discovers the world. It’s getting difficult to control it at every step and protect it from all dangers.

Below, you will find some advice on how to make the playing environment safe for the baby and let it satisfy its curiosity with joy.

Secure all electric sockets with special covers. Affix unstable furniture (bookshelves, wardrobes, chests of drawers) to the wall to prevent them from tipping. Give up decorating your table with a hanging tablecloth. It’s better to use flat mats and to place glasses with hot drinks in the middle, directly on the table. Make sure the baby can’t reach any small objects (screws, coins, pieces of dry bread), plastic bags or medicines, especially on the floor. Air the room by setting windows and doors ajar. Make sure they cannot be opened completely. Hide sharp tools, cleaning agents, and cosmetics in cupboards located as high as possible, optimally in one place. If you turn on the oven, make sure the baby doesn’t enter the kitchen. Cover the floor with a non-slip carpet. Don’t use toilet rim blocks.

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